University Police - Daily Crime Log

University Police

Daily Crime Log: 12/8/2016 - 12/9/2016

Police activity reported within the date range above is displayed below. The crime log is normally updated within two business days, excluding days UNCW is closed.

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Case NumberDate OccurredDate ReportedTypeLocationDispositionDescription
20160118512/7/2016 5:55 PM12/7/2016 6:24 PMLarceny5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)Further InvestigationClothing taken from unattended dryer
20160118412/7/2016 4:00 PM12/7/2016 4:08 PMDWI5138 Randall Dr ("C" Lot)ReferredReferral issued for driving while impaired
20160118312/4/2016 6:00 PM12/7/2016 1:52 PMLarceny1036 Seahawk Village Lp (SHV #3)Further InvestigationRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160118212/4/2016 5:30 PM12/6/2016 5:00 PMLarceny1123 Walton Dr (Schwartz Hall)Further InvestigationRegistered/unsecured bicycle taken
20160117612/5/2016 11:36 PM12/5/2016 11:38 PMDrug Violation906 Walton Dr (SHC 4)ClosedState citations issued for possession of marijuana/drug paraphernalia
20160117212/02/2016 1:30 PM12/5/2016 2:01 PMLarceny720 Hamilton Dr (Almkuist-Nixon Sports Med)Further InvestigationRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160117112/5/2016 9:59 AM12/5/2016 10:30 AMLarceny721 Wagoner Dr ("K" Lot)Further InvestigationRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160116712/4/2016 12:40 AM12/4/2016 12:45 AMAlcohol Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ClosedState citation issued for underage consumption
20160116612/3/2016 2:40 AM12/3/2016 2:44 AMAlcohol Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ClosedState citation issued for underage consumption
20160116512/3/2016 12:11 AM12/3/2016 12:13 AMAlcohol Violation5200 Block Suite Service LpClosedState citation issued for underage consumption
20160116312/01/2016 11:16 PM12/1/2016 11:17 PMDWI1259 Walton Dr ("AA" Lot)ClosedSubject arrested for driving while impaired
20160116112/1/2016 02:19 AM12/1/2016 2:20 AMDWIReynolds DriveClosedSubject arrested for driving while impaired
20160116012/1/2016 12:29 AM12/1/2016 12:31 AMAlcohol Violation5151 Suite Service Lp (Wag-Out)ReferredReferral issued for possession of open alcohol container in public place
20160115911/30/2016 5:00 PM11/30/2016 7:58 PMLarceny970 Reynolds Dr (Education Building)OtherRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160115811/28/2016 2:00 PM11/30/2016 12:29 AMBurglary906 Walton Dr (SHC 4)Further InvestigationSubject reported someone entered his room and poured water on his laptop computer
20160115711/28/2016 7:30 AM11/28/2016 3:52 PMHarassment680 S. College Rd (Park & Ride)Further InvestigationSubject found note on vehicle from known subject whom she told to not contact her
20160115511/23/2016 8:30 PM11/28/2016 10:16 AMLarceny615 Hamilton Dr (FSC)OtherRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160115411/23/2016 3:00 PM11/28/2016 10:00 AMLarceny683 Racine Dr (Morton Hall)OtherTelevision removed from building w/out owners permission
20160114911/22/2016 8:33 PM11/22/2016 8:35 PMDrug Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ClosedState citation issued for possession of Adderall
20160114711/21/2016 8:25 AM11/22/2016 1:35 PMVandalism5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)OtherGraffiti was spray painted on a picnic table & trash can
20160114511/21/2016 3:00 PM11/21/2016 8:41 PMVandalism5164 Randall Dr ("D" Lot)OtherSubject reported air being intentionally let out of two of her tires
20160114210/30/2016 12:01 AM11/20/2016 11:09 PMCommunicating Threats4989 Riegel Rd (Belk Hall)OtherReferral issued for threatening bodily harm to another
20160113911/20/2016 10:27 PM11/20/2016 10:29 PMAlcohol Violation5134 Seahawk Landing Dr. (SHL 6)ReferredReferral issued for underage possession/consumption
20160114111/07/2016 11:00 AM11/20/2016 2:08 PMLarceny5148 Randall Dr (DeLoach Hall)OtherUnregistered/secured bicycle taken
20160114011/20/2016 1:45 AM11/20/2016 1:46 AMDWIRandall DriveClosedState citation issued for driving after consuming while less than 21 years of age
20160113611/18/2016 9:14 PM11/18/2016 9:16 PMDrug Violation5042 Riegel Rd (Eastgate)ClosedState citation issued for possession marijuana/drug paraphernalia
20160113511/18/2016 8:00 PM11/18/2016 9:09 PMDrug Violation5151 Riegel Rd ("O" Lot)ClosedState citation issued for possession marijuana
201600113411/18/2016 8:00 PM11/18/2016 8:14 PMWeapons Violation5151 Riegel Rd ("O" Lot)ReferredReferral issued for having a BB gun in car
20160113311/16/2016 3:45 PM11/18/2016 3:29 PMLarceny5070 Price Dr. (SRC)OtherRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160113111/17/2016 11:00 AM11/18/2016 1:20 PMLarceny5174 Randall Dr (Bear Hall)OtherRegistered/secured bicycle taken
20160113011/17/2016 9:31 PM11/17/2016 9:32 PMDisorderly Conduct721 Wagoner Dr (K Lot)ReferredSubject used offensive language in a public space
20160112811/17/2016 7:40 PM11/17/2016 7:42 PMDrug Violation4989 Riegel Rd (Belk Hall)ClosedSubject arrested for possession of LSD
20160112311/16/2016 1:20 AM11/16/2016 1:26 AMAlcohol Violation994 Walton Dr (Callbox 111)ReferredReferral issued for underage consumption
20160112211/13/2016 1:00 AM11/15/2016 8:38 PMLarceny5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)OtherRegistered/unsecured bicycle taken
20160112011/14/2016 2:00 PM11/15/2016 12:31 PMLarceny630 MacMillian Ave (Isaac Bear)ClosedFront bicycle wheel taken
20160111811/14/2016 10:00 PM11/14/2016 11:19 PMDrug Violation5012 Lionfish Dr (Apt. F)ReferredReferral issued for marijuana use
20160111711/14/2016 9:45 PM11/14/2016 9:56 PMDrug Violation1100 Plyler St (EE Lot)ClosedState citation issued for possession drug paraphernalia
20160111311/13/2016 3:47 AM11/13/2016 3:49 AMAlcohol Violation1012 Seahawk Village Lp (SHV 1)ReferredReferral issued for underage possession/consumption
20160111111/12/2016 11:27 PM11/12/2016 11:28 PMAlcohol Violation1012 Seahawk Village Lp (SHV 1)ReferredFour referrals issued for underage consumption
20160110711/12/2016 1:46 AM11/12/2016 1:48 AMDWI500 Block Wagoner DrClosedState citation issued for driving after consuming while less than 21 years of age
20160110009/15/2016 8:00 PM11/10/2016 11:16 PMHarassment5118 Suite Service Lp (Suite "P")ReferredSubject reported on-going cyber harassment from a known person
20160109611/9/2016 10:41 PM11/9/2016 10:43 PMDrug Violation5000 Block Riegel RdReferredReferral issued for possession of Xanax & drug paraphernalia
20160109511/9/2016 10:35 PM11/9/2016 10:37 PMWeapons Violation5000 Block Riegel RdClosedSubject arrested for possession of a gun on campus