University Police - Daily Crime Log

University Police

Daily Crime Log: 2/24/2018 - 2/25/2018

Police activity reported within the date range above is displayed below. The crime log is normally updated within two business days, excluding days UNCW is closed.

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Case NumberDate OccurredDate ReportedTypeLocationDispositionDescription
20180018602/22/2018 1:35 AM2/22/2018 1:38 AMDWIRandall DriveClosedNon-university member stopped for speeding arrested for DWI
20180018502/21/2018 7:58 PM2/21/2018 7:59 PMDrug Violation5100 Blk Suite Service LoopReferredResident student stopped for stop law violation determined to have smoked marijuana.
20180018102/20/2018 6:30 PM2/20/2018 6:41 PMLarceny615 Hamilton Drive (FSC)ReferredCommuter student who took computer mouse without permission referred
20180017702/19/2018 5:30 PM2/19/2018 6:20 PMCommunicating Threats5120 Trihouse Dr (Innovation House)ReferredRoommate dispute resulted in communicating threat.
20180017402/19/2018 2:14 PM2/19/2018 4:41 PMCommunicating Threats5110 Suite Service Lp (Ste O)ClosedThreatening phone call determined to be due to unknown individuals "ghosting" victim's number harassing alleged suspect.
20180017102/18/2018 2:11 AM2/18/2018 2:12 AMDWI5100 Blk Randall DrClosedCommuter student arrested for DWI
20180017002/18/2018 1:59 AM2/18/2018 2:00 AMDWI5100 Blk Riegel RdClosedResident student arrested for DWI
20180016702/17/2:59 AM2/17/2018 3:00 AMDWI4931 Riegel Rd (Lot M)ClosedNon-university member arrested for DWI
20180016602/17/2018 2:09 AM2/17/2018 2:10 AMDWI5100 Blk Randall DriveClosedResident student arrested for DWI
20180016502/17/2018 12:54 AM2/17/2018 12:55 AMAlcohol Violation780 Hamilton DriveReferredCommuter student referred for underage consumption
20180016402/16/2018 6:05 PM2/16/2018 6:10 PMLarceny5031 Riegel Rd (HUB)ClosedUnregistered/unsecured bicycle taken
20180016002/16/2018 3:45 AM2/16/2018 4:05 AMAlcohol Violation5021 Cahill Dr (SHC 2)ReferredResident student referred for underage consumption.
20180015902/15/2018 10:04 PM2/15/2018 10:07 PMDWI925 Community Dr (Lot HH)ClosedResident student cited and referred for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.
20180015502/14/2018 8:09 PM2/14/2018 8:10 PMDWI5100 Blk Holt RdClosedNon-university member arrested for DWI
20180015302/14/2018 12:00 PM2/14/2018 2:14 PMLarceny5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ClosedClothing reported stolen from laundry room
20180015202/14/2018 3:57 AM2/14/2018 3:58 AMSex Offense5065 Riegel Rd (Hewlett Hall)ClosedA resident student reported a sexual assault. Suspect identified and arrested.
20180015102/13/2018 8:46 PM2/13/2018 9:17 PMLarceny5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ReferredTwo resident students who stole a cake referred
20180015011/01/2017 0:00 AM2/13/2018 2:25 PMSex Offense5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)OtherReport received of a sexual assault that occurred on 1 Nov 17
20180014902/13/2018 1:06 AM2/13/2018 1:07 AMDrug Violation5100 Seahawk Landing Drive (Lot SS)ReferredDriver asleep in his vehicle referred for marijuana use.
20180014602/10/2018 11:082/12/2018 12:37 PMSex Offense5118 Suite Service Loop (Ste P)OtherReport received of a sexual assault.
20180014302/11/2018 03:08 AM2/11/2018 3:08 AMDrug ViolationRandall DriveClosedTraffic stop resulted in driver cited for marijuana possession
20180014002/11/2018 12:57 AM2/11/2018 12:58 AMAlcohol Violation5264 Randall Drive (Lot D)ReferredTwo resident students were referred for underage consumption and public urination.
20180013302/07/2018 12:00 PM2/10/2018 10:21 AMLarceny4960 Cahill DriveFurther InvestigationUnsecure camera taken
20180013702/10/2018 1:23 AM2/10/2018 1:24 AMDrug Violation1124 Walton Drive (Schwartz Hall)ClosedThree resident students were cited and referred for alcohol and drug violations.
2018001362/10/2018 12:47 AM2/10/2018 12:49 AMVandalism5130 Seahawk Landing Drive (SS Lot)Further InvestigationThree tires on vehicle were slashed.
NoneUnknown2/7/2018 12:25 PMSex OffenseUnknownOtherNotice received of a sexual assault that occurred at an unknown date and location on campus.
NoneUnknown2/7/2018 8:59 AMSex OffenseUnknownOtherNotice received of a sexual assault that occurred at an unknown date and location on campus.
20180011302/05/2018 12:322/5/2018 12:42 PMHarassment5174 Randall Drive (Bear Hall)ClosedHarassing note found and removed from Bear Hall
20180011102/04/2018 1:09 AM2/4/2018 1:09 AMDrug Violation905 Walton Drive (SHC 1)Closed 
20180010902/02/2018 8:36 PM2/2/2018 8:37 PMCommunicating Threats5009 Riegel Road (Galloway Hall)ReferredResident student threatening RA referred.
20180010201/17/2018 9:00 AM1/31/2018 11:18 AMLarceny5072 Randall Dr (Cultural Arts Bldg)Further InvestigationWallet left unsecure taken
20180010001/31/2018 0:19 AM1/31/2018 12:20 AMVandalism1024 Seawhawk Village LpReferredResident student tampered with room fire detector.
20180009901/30/2018 9:10 PM1/30/2018 9:10 PMTrespass679 Wagoner Dr (Trask Coliseum)ClosedThree juveniles were trespassed from Trask Coliseum.
20180009401/22/2018 1:51 PM1/29/2018 11:40 AMAggravated Assault1024 Seahawk Village Loop (SV2)ClosedResident student reported being assaulted by an unidentified male.
20180008801/27/2018 2:22 AM1/27/2018 2:33 AMTrespass700 Blk Hamilton DrClosedNon-university member found in violation of prior trespass notice.
20180008701/26/2018 7:20 PM1/26/2018 7:33 PMAlcohol Violation5031 Riegel Rd (Lot J)ReferredResident student underage and found with alcohol in his vehicle.
201800096Unknown1/26/2018 11:14 AMSex OffenseUnknownFurther InvestigationReport of a sexual assault that occurred at an unknown location, at an unknown time.
20180008301/25/2018 9:50 PM1/25/2018 9:51 PMDrug Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ClosedResident student found in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.
20180008201/24/2018 8:00 PM1/25/2018 6:22 PMLarceny1100 Blk Suite Service LoopFurther InvestigationProperty removed from unlocked vehicle
20180008001/25/2018 4:40 PM1/25/2018 4:41 PMHarassment5121 Trihouse Dr (Cornerstone)OtherResident student harassed via social media