University Police - Daily Crime Log

University Police

Daily Crime Log: 8/28/2015 - 8/29/2015

Police activity reported within the date range above is displayed below. The crime log is normally updated within two business days, excluding days UNCW is closed.

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Case NumberDate OccurredDate ReportedTypeLocationDispositionDescription
20150107208/28/2015 3:30 AM8/28/2015 3:31 AMAlcohol Violation801 Hamilton Dr (Rooster Gate)ReferredResident student referred for underage possession and consumption
20150107008/26/2015 4:00 PM8/27/2015 2:15 PMLarceny5010 Cahill Drive (McNeil Hall)Further InvestigationRegistered/unsecured bike taken
20150106308/26/2015 3:28 PM8/26/2015 3:44 PMDrug Violation906 Walton Dr (SHC 4)ReferredFour resident students were referred for simple marijuana possession
20150106008/25/2015 11:59 PM8/26/2015 12:01 AMAlcohol Violation5031 Riegel Rd (Lot J)ReferredResident student referred for alcohol consumption
20150105908/25/2015 11:49 PM8/25/2015 11:50 PMAlcohol Violation4971 Riegel Rd (L Lot)ReferredResident student referred for Underage possession
20150105708/25/2015 3:10 PM8/25/2015 3:15 PMLarceny680 Hamilton Dr (Hanover Hall)OtherUnsecured wallet taken
201501056 8/25/2015 9:26 AMStalking601 S College Rd (UNCW)ClosedConfidential notification
20150105408/24/2015 11:00 AM8/24/2015 5:24 PMLarceny5118 Suite Service Loop (Ste P)OtherAn unregistered/secured bike was taken
20150105008/23/2015 3:19 AM8/23/2015 3:20 AMDWI5100 Blk Randall DrClosedOne student was cited and referred for DWI, underage consumption and fraudulent identification
20150104808/23/2015 00:09 AM8/23/2015 12:10 AMAlcohol Violation920 Community Dr (Honors House)ClosedOne resident student was cited and referred for underage consumption
20150104708/22/2015 9:30 PM8/22/2015 9:34 PMDrug Violation5121 Trihouse Dr (Cornerstone)ClosedOne student was cited and referred for possession of marijuanna
20150104608/22/2015 9:06 PM8/22/2015 9:07 PMOther Offense5118 Suite Svc Lp (Ste P)ReferredOne resident student referred for Endangering Health and Safety due to fire alarm activation due to eCigarrette
20150104508/22/2015 8:19 PM8/22/2015 8:20 PMAlcohol Violation5012 Lionfish Dr (Apt F)ClosedOne non-university member was arrested and trespassed and two other non-university members trespassed for public intoxication
20150104208/22/2015 3:09 AM8/22/2015 3:09 AMDWIRandall Dr & Racine DrClosedOne student was cited and referred for DWI
20150104108/22/2015 2:55 AM8/22/2015 2:56 AMAlcohol Violation700 Hamilton DrClosedOne student was cited and referred for underage consumption
20150104008/22/2015 1:20 AM8/22/2015 1:22 AMAlcohol ViolationPrice DrClosedOne student was cited, two referred and one non-university member trespassed for underage consumption
20150103808/22/2015 00:16 AM8/22/2015 12:17 AMAlcohol Violation5151 Reigel Rd (Lot "O")ReferredStudent referred for underage consumption
20150103708/21/2015 4:15 PM8/21/2015 4:53 PMLarceny5070 Price Dr (SRC)UnfoundedUnsecured long-board taken
20150103208/21/2015 1:08 AM8/21/2015 1:09 AMDWI5100 Block Randall DriveClosedSubject arrested for driving while impaired
20150102808/20/2015 9:30 AM8/20/2015 9:37 AMLarceny5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway)UnfoundedTablet taken from dorm room
20150101708/17/2015 7:30 PM8/17/2015 8:33 PMLarceny5151 Suite Service Loop (Wagoner Hall)OtherSkateboard left unsecure taken from dining hall
20150101608/17/2015 7:15 PM8/17/2015 8:22 PMLarceny5031 Riegel Rd (Lot J)ClosedValve cap to tire missing
20150101408/17/2015 10:05 AM8/17/2015 3:28 PMLarceny5009 Reigel Rd (Galloway Hall)UnfoundedSuitcase, clothing and grooming items missing during Move-In
20150101308/17/2015 1:47 AM8/17/2015 1:48 AMWeapons Violation5000 Blk Riegel RdReferredResident student in possession of a pellet gun
20150101008/16/2015 8:53 PM8/16/2015 8:55 PMDrug Violation5121 Trihouse Dr (Cornerstone)ClosedState citation issued for possession marijuana & drug paraphernalia
20150100908/16/2015 8:00 AM8/16/2015 9:13 AMLarceny4855 Price Dr (FSC)Further InvestigationUnsecured, registered bicycle taken
20150100808/16/2015 2:38 AM8/16/2015 2:40 AMOther Offense5134 Seahawk Landing DrClosedNon-university member arrested for breaking & entering motor vehicles
20150100708/16/2015 1:47 AM8/16/2015 1:49 AMAlcohol Violation5134 Seahawk Landing Dr (SHL 6)ClosedState citation issued for consuming alcohol while less than 21 years of age
20150101308/16/2015 1:46 AM8/16/2015 1:48 AMWeapons Violation5000 Block Riegel RdReferredUniversity referral issued for possessing a pellet gun on campus
20150099808/12/2015 5:03 PM8/12/2015 5:05 PMTrespass630 MacMillian Ave (Isaac Bear)ClosedSubject with a prior trespass notice found on UNCW property, arrested for 2nd degree trespass
20150099708/10/201505:148/11/2015 2:24 PMHarassmentCahill DrOtherSending email in violation of court order
20150099508/10/2015 11:11 PM8/10/2015 11:13 PMDrug Violation1056 Seahawk Village Loop (SV5)ClosedState citation issued for misdemeanor possession marijuana
20150099207/11/2015 3:00 PM8/10/2015 9:45 AMLarceny4978 Cahill Dr (Dobo Hall)ClosedUnsecured backpack taken
2015009918/7/2015 11:41 PM8/7/2015 11:42 PMDrug ViolationCahill/ReynoldsClosedNon university member issued citation for Marijuana and trespassed from university
2015006828/2/2015 1:35 AM8/2/2015 1:40 AMDWI5216 Randall DrClosedNon-university member charged with DWI, possession of marijuana, left of center and red light violation
2015006818/1/2015 4:22 PM8/1/2015 4:23 PMTrespassHamilton Dr at Hurst DrClosedNon-university member stopped for traffic violation was trespassed previously from campus
2015006807/31/2015 9:45 AM7/31/2015 9:56 AMLarceny906 Walton Dr (SHC 4)UnfoundedLongboard removed from unlocked dorm room while moving
2015006797/31/2015 1:49 AM7/31/2015 1:50 AMDWI800 Blk Hamilton DrClosedNon-University member arrested for DWI, Underage consumption, speed and fake ID.
2015006787/29/2015 11:30 PM7/30/2015 2:09 PMHarassment5120 Trihouse Dr (Innovation House)OtherIntoxicated conference attendee harassed on duty desk attendant; conference coordinator following up